Brand New: The Improved Disinfection Device FDC-19 PRO

  • Now completely made of stainless steel
  • Remote control with a 30 m range
  • Automatic timer for activation time and disinfection duration
  • Twice the power, i.e. disinfection twice as fast!

With the FCD-19 PRO disinfection system, businesses and public institutions ensure maximum hygiene and health protection for employees, customers and business partners.


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See the FCD-19 in action

Click on the play button to start the video.

This Is What Satisfied Customers Say

Patienten sind begeistert und fühlen sich gut aufgehoben und absolut sicher hier.

“Ich stelle das abends in den Raum – oder in der Mittagspause – stelle das an, lasse das 5 Minuten laufen. Eine halbe Stunde muss es im Raum bleiben. Danach wird gelüftet und Alles ist gut.”

Annette von Kuhlmann, Physiotherapie Praxis Medico

“Ich habe nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht, die mir die Desinfektion meiner Praxis erleichtert und vor allem sicherer macht.”

“Besonders gut gefällt mir, dass ich durch den Einsatz des FCD-19 eine große Zeitersparnis bei der täglichen Reinigung meiner Praxisräume habe.”

“Darüber hinaus kann ich mir sicher sein, dass wirklich jeder Bereich der Praxis desinfiziert ist und nicht wie bei der händischen Desinfektion vielleicht ein Bereich vergessen wurde.”

Carsten Hubig, Inhaber, Naturheilpraxis Körperarchitektur

Es ist ganz einfach zu bedienen, und meine Mitarbeiter kommen mit einem wesentlich besseren Gefühl auf die Arbeit. “

“Auch unsere Kunden kommen mit einem sehr guten Gefühl zu uns.”

Mehmet Altas, Geschäftsführer der AAL GmbH, E. Altas Airport Logistic GmbH, Einsatz im Frachtlager

„Vom Flur aus desinfizieren wir in 15 Minuten mit offenen Türen alle Räume, ohne Umstellen des Geräts.“

Manfred Borowski, Ferienhaus Reethus

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät

“Es ist kostengünstig, einfach zu bedienen und passt in die Zeit. “

Herr Stahmann, Marketing Manager, E. Altas Airport Logistic GmbH, Einsatz im Büro

“Dank des FCD-19 PRO können wir jeden Tag die Büroräume vollständig und zuverlässig desinfizieren.”

Andy Keupink, Excellence Global Logistics GmbH

“Ich habe den FCD-19 PRO zum Schutz meiner Mitarbeiter und Gäste während der Coronakrise angeschafft.

Besonders gut gefallen mir die rasche und gründliche Desinfektion, sowie der Nachweis mit den Teststreifen. Alles funktioniert gut!”

Marita Stork, Tagespflege Amun-Re Eschborn

FCD-19 PRO Premium Package

The perfect solution for disinfection with 2 disinfection devices and accessories

Cold Fogger Device FCD-19 PRO

Kaltnebeldesinfektionsgerät FCD-19 PRO

The FCD-19 PRO cold fog disinfector turns disinfecting rooms into child’s play.

At the touch of a button, the cold fogger eliminates viruses (e.g. Corona virus), bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores.

The FCD-19 PRO distributes ultra-fine hydrogen peroxide mist throughout the room, even in places that cannot be reached with wiping or UV light.

This way, germs are eliminated on all surfaces. Even cracks, corners, porous surfaces and carpets are reliably disinfected.

Your cleaning staff saves hours of work. At the same time, the disinfection success is much better than with wipe disinfection by hand. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, you can use the FCD-19 PRO without a tangle of cables and also in places without a power socket.

The device is inexpensive to purchase, economical to use and very easy to operate. Thanks to its robust construction, it is also maintenance-free.

UV-Sanitizer UVC-70


The UVC-70 is a high-quality device for UV light disinfection with Philips UV tubes.

Our UVC-70 is ideal for quick and effective disinfection wherever things have to be done very quickly.

The operation is very easy, the quality of the lamp is very high. With a remote control, you can easily start the UVC-70 without having to be near the device.

The unit disinfects the room air and all illuminated surfaces within a radius of up to 15m.

While the UV light is switched on, no one is allowed to be in the room. UV light destroys viruses immediately, so just a few minutes of irradiation are enough for complete disinfection.

Compared to the FCD-19 PRO, the UVC-70 disinfects a smaller area in a flash and without disinfectant. The FCD-19 PRO, on the other hand, has a larger range and also reaches places that are not reached by the UV light.


Along with the device, you get a useful assortment of table displays, door hangers and posters.

You can use these to show your customers and visitors in a promotionally effective way that you implement the highest hygiene standards in your premises.


The accessories include a practical hose for vehicle disinfection. You can use this hose for small vehicles, for example a car.

For large vehicles – e.g. a van or a bus – you can simply place the disinfector into the vehicle.

Abbildung Kanister mit Desinfektionsmittel

The Premium Package also includes 5 canisters of the disinfectant FCD Power Liquid.

This is a total of 25 litres of ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide mixture with added silver ions for surface and room disinfection.

Order FCD-19 PRO Premium here (incl. UV unit)
Order FCD-19 PRO here (without UV unit)

Eliminates a Wide Range of Pathogens

The FCD-19 PRO cold mist disinfector raises the standard for disinfecting entire rooms. At the touch of a button, the disinfector eliminates viruses (e.g. Corona virus), bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores.

Your cleaning staff saves hours of work. At the same time, the disinfection success is much better than wiping disinfection by hand. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, you can use the FCD-19 PRO without a tangle of cables and also in places without a power socket.

The device is inexpensive to purchase, economical to use and very easy to operate. Thanks to its robust construction, it is also maintenance-free.


A Strong Return on Investment

The FCD-19 PRO’s robust construction and futuristic design ensure years of satisfaction.

With various purchase and leasing options, the FCD-19 PRO is affordable for every budget. This allows you to choose the optimal option for investment costs and depreciation.

The favourable start-up costs with years of usability as well as the economical consumption offer you a significant financial return on investment.

more about the disinfection unit FCD-19 PRO

The Fuel – FCD Power Liquid

As a very fine mist, FCD Power Liquid effectively disinfects large areas and penetrates even the smallest crevices and any other hard-to-reach places.

This means that FCD Power Liquid is also effective in areas that are beyond the reach of sprays, cleaning cloths and UV light.

The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to achieve a kill rate of up to 6 log – this corresponds to a germ reduction of 99.9999 % . The actual disinfection achieved in the respective application depends on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the surface condition.

Abbildung Kanister mit Desinfektionsmittel

Gentle and Environmentally Friendly

In contrast to products based on formaldehyde or chlorine, disinfection with hydrogen peroxide leaves no residue.

After disinfection, FCD Power Liquid decomposes by itself into water vapour and oxygen and is therefore residue-free, without the need for rinsing or wiping.

It is therefore a completely “green” and environmentally friendly biocide – without aldehydes, chlorine, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds.

more about the “FCD Power Liquid” disinfectant

Safety and Hygiene for Your Organisation

The FCD-19 Disinfection System offers a reliable and cost-effective way to protect customers and employees in a wide range of industries.



For the practices of doctors, dentists, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, psychotherapists as well as clinics, medical supply stores, veterinarians etc.

The healthcare industry is one of the most important sectors for a germ-free environment. People who are already ill must be protected from infection.

Social Institutions


For old people’s homes, services for disabled people, intercultural facilities and event locations such as community centres and sports halls etc. 

When many people live together permanently or come together daily and go in and out, well planned hygiene is essential. It ensures the well-being and health of the people.

Travel Industry


For hotels, hostels, holiday homes, pensions, buses, ships etc.

Customers in the travel industry have become more cautious due to the Corona crisis. With the FCD-19 you can ensure reliable hygiene in your travel services, and you can also use it to advertise the benefits of your excellent hygiene.

Services for Children/Teenagers


For kindergartens, schools, children’s homes, youth centres etc.

Children and young people from different families meet every day in large and small groups. An efficient hygiene plan ensures the health of the children, the caregivers and their families.

Retail Stores

retail header bild

For stores, supermarkets, shopping malls etc.

When visiting shops, customers are still quite reserved. The professional disinfection of your store helps you to increase the confidence of customers and employees.

Logistics and Freight Forwarding

logistik header bild

For forwarders, transporters, warehouses etc.

Whether office or meeting room, warehouse or transport vehicle – if you are a logistics service provider, the FCD-19 ensures cleanliness and safety in all areas.

Manufacturers and Producers


For production environments, office workplaces, recreation rooms, warehouses etc.

You are used to high quality standards in production and manufacturing. In times of Covid-19, disinfection has also gained even greater importance – both for production rooms and offices.

Offices / Workstations

buero-2-header bild

For all work places such as offices, open-plan offices, meeting rooms, break rooms etc.

Those who can’ t work at home, trust in the safety and hygiene at their workplace.

With the FCD-19 you offer maximum hygiene and disburden the cleaning staff.